Our Academy


Established since 2009, Famous Chef Professional Baking and Culinary Academy has since flourished into a well-known academy in Malaysia. The name Famous Chef derives from our ultimate goal of guiding our students towards becoming preeminent chefs who shine on the world stage.

We offer programmes in culinary arts and baking, available in both full time and part time. Our courses come with industrial training programmes in a bid to provide our students with real workplace experience, to get them well prepared for the industry. Our team of dynamic lecturers and tutors are skillful in nurturing and educating students, ready to foster the students wholeheartedly.

Our proud history tells that we collaborated with Open University Malaysia (OUM) back in 2012. We now pride ourselves for being the only baking and culinary academy in Malaysia that is currently collaborating with Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), allowing our students to graduate with certificates from a recognised university. We also work hand-in-in with several universities from overseas countries, granting our students with prestigious certificates.

Accredited by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, our academy is well-received among students who would like to master practical skills. Being the first academy to receive 1 Malaysia Award, we are honoured for the recognition and vow to boost up the baking and culinary industry in Malaysia.


我们曾于2012/15年与马来西亚开放大学(OUM)以及马来西亚北方大学(UUM)合作的烘焙与烹饪学院作,现今则是与 West College Scotland合作的烘焙与烹饪学院。此外,我们很庆幸获得多所国外大学以及学院的专业文凭,让我们的学员们得以考获国外大学以及学院文凭,在社会认可上更胜一筹。